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New coordinator at the IQSA blog

From this week on, the IQSA blog will have a new coordinator, Mehdy Shaddel, an independent scholar based in Iran, with interests in the Qur’an, late-ancient 1024px-Folio_Blue_Quran_Met_2004.88religion, and early Islamic history. The previous coordinator, Professor Vanessa De Gifis of the Wayne State University, is now the co-editor of our Journal, JIQSA. We would like to thank Professor De Gifis on behalf of the IQSA community for her efforts during her tenure as blog coordinator.

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If you are undertaking research as a faculty member or post-doc, working on a new project as a graduate student, or would like to share information about an upcoming Qur’an related conference, workshop or service, please consider writing a blog post for us. Posts in languages other than English are acceptable. Blog contributions should be sent to Mehdy Shaddel (mehdyshaddel@gmail.com). Scholarly reviews should be submitted to RQR and academic articles to JIQSA.

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