Conduct Policy

IQSA Professional Conduct Policy

Adopted December 21, 2018

Members of the International Qur’anic Studies Association constitute a global network of scholars and educators committed to advancing academic study of the Qurʾan, its context, its relationship to other scriptural traditions, and its literary and cultural influence. One of IQSA’s core tenets is a “mutual understanding through scholarship” accomplished via a diverse governing body and members.

To best promote this mutual understanding through scholarship and open inquiry, expectations of professional conduct are required of all parties to ensure an environment built upon courtesy and respect. These expectations include, but are not limited to:

I. Professional Integrity and Respect
IQSA insists on mutual accountability of its members to one another and the organization’s stated mission in addition to a professional obligation to treat others with honesty, dignity, and integrity. As members of a professional guild, participants are responsible for abiding by the specific standards set out by IQSA policies and adhere to all applicable laws concerning educational policy, employment, and workplace behavior.

II. Diversity and Inclusion
IQSA is enriched by its diverse and inclusive community of both scholars who represent different cultures, social locations, experiences, and perspectives in addition to the methodological range of inquiries it fosters. IQSA is committed to challenging practices that have intentionally or unintentionally excluded underrepresented scholars and scholarly perspectives.

III. Free Inquiry
IQSA seeks to foster qur’anic scholarship through the promotion of mutual understanding, insisting upon unhampered critical investigation and discussion of ideas, interpretations, and arguments. Its members are encouraged to consider traditional and innovative models through active listening, candid examination of contested ideas, and civil debate.

IQSA will not tolerate the following at any of its sanctioned activities or on any of its affiliated digital platforms:

i. The exploitation of power and/or status

ii. Discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, ancestry, place of origin, color, ethnic group, citizenship, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, creed, age, marital/family status, or any other characteristic protected by law

iii. Harassment of a person or group of persons on the basis of personal characteristics with the effect or purpose of creating a hostile or intimidating environment, offending or demeaning those persons, or limiting participation in a professional program, group, or activity

iv. Sexual harassment including unwelcome advances, requests for favors or rewards, and other unsought physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature

Possible violations of the IQSA Professional Conduct Policy at an IQSA sanctioned event or platform should promptly be reported to the IQSA Executive Director to initiate an investigation of the complaint. Retaliation against any such reporting individual will not be tolerated. Anyone who is found to have engaged in a violation of the IQSA Professional Conduct Policy will be subject to disciplinary action which may include, but is not limited to, reprimand and/or termination of the individual’s membership and participation in IQSA sponsored platforms or events.

Individuals who are publicly sanctioned for sexual assault or harassment by an institution, including by a university or corporation, may be barred from participating in IQSA-sanctioned events for the duration of the institution’s sanction. Appeals may be requested in the case of advance registration for the Annual and International Meetings; on-site registration for such individuals will not be permitted.