Video interview: Dr. Toby Mayer

Of potential interest to Qur’anic Studies scholars is a video interview published by the Institute of Ismaili Studies, London (IIS). The IIS’s website features an interview with Dr. Toby Mayer, translator of Keys to the Arcana: Shahrastani’s Esoteric Commentary on the Qur’an

Some of the questions that Mayer answers in the interview include:

  • What is the significance to scholarship of presenting Shahrastani’s Keys to the Arcana?
  • Who was Shahrastani?
  • Is Keys to the Arcana distinguished by any specific interpretative methodology?  

Mayer is a research associate in the Qur’anic Sudies Unit at the Institute of Ismaili Studies, London, where he teaches courses on Sufism and tafsir. To download the introduction to or bibliography of his translation, see here.

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