IQSA Studies in the Qurʾan (ISIQ)

IQSA Studies in the Qurʾan (ISIQ)


IQSA seeks proposals and suggestions for works to be included in its new monograph series, IQSA Studies in the Qurʾan (ISIQ). The Editorial Committee plans to publish in three areas:

  1. Scholarly monographs devoted to Qur’anic studies. Proposals that reflect the ethos of the Association – the analysis of the Qurʾan as a text of Late Antiquity – are especially welcome, although the Editorial Committee will consider proposals reflecting diverse approaches to the study of the text. We welcome proposals from both established scholars and from young scholars who have recently completed or are close to completing a doctoral thesis. The latter may want to consult William Germano, From Dissertation to Book (2nd edition) and idem, Getting It Published (2nd edition), for guidance on how to transform a PhD thesis into a book suitable for a wider readership.
  2. The republication of classic works no longer in copyright, and the translation of important works written in languages other than English. Because IQSA does not have in-house translators, translation proposals should identify a willing and competent translator – competence includes not only command of English and the source language, but also familiarity with the technical aspects of Qur’anic studies.
  3. A sub-series that will include Qurʾan study guides (vocabulary, concordances, etc.), the proceedings of the bi-annual IQSA international conferences, and the collected essays, e.g., of distinguished Qur’an scholars.

The monograph series Director, Dr. David Powers [email:], warmly welcomes any proposals for this series.

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