Corovavirus Health Alert Updates (May 2020)

Corovavirus Health Alert Updates (May 2020)

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As communities across the world feel the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid-19), we are mindful of the lives affected. It is during such extraordinary times of uncertainty that we remind you all, the International Qur’anic Studies Association is a community of scholars and friends. IQSA remains committed to its Mission and Vision, including fostering qur’anic scholarship, and holding regular meetings for scholars of the Qur’an. Ongoing health concerns and travel restrictions continue to pose challenges.

The Board is currently exploring the possibility of hosting online paper presentations alongside a much smaller in person Annual Meeting in Boston in November, 2020. The Board is in close contact with its affiliate, the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) and will explore all options to ensure a successful annual conference.

The presentation and discussion of members’ research during the year, accepted through a rigorous review by program units, is a core IQSA member service. We are aware that travel will be difficult or impossible for many members this year. We are committed to providing a venue for scholarly exchange so that every paper accepted has an opportunity for presentation.

Registration for the Annual Meeting is now open through the SBL website, and you can read a statement regarding this from SBL, including the provision that the registration fee is fully refundable.

The IQSA Board will continue inform our members of the path ahead at the earliest possibility.

We recognize that the circumstances could change between now and November, and we will advise membership on changes that may be necessary. If at all possible, please ensure to keep your IQSA membership up to date as well – we need your support in these trying times.

Dr. Asma Hilali, President
Dr. Mehdi Azaiez
Dr. Karen Bauer
Dr. Shari Lowin
Dr. Johanna Pink
Dr. Devin Stewart
Dr. Sarra Tlili
Dr. Holger Zellentin, Chair
Dr. Suleman Dost, Secretary
Dr. Emran El-Badawi, Executive Director, Treasurer

Corovavirus Health Alert

Dear Colleagues,

The International Qur’anic Studies Association (IQSA) is monitoring the situation closely as the Covid-19 Coronavirus continues to impact communities throughout the globe. Our mission remains to foster Qur’anic Studies, bringing about peace and mutual understanding through scholarship. At this time, the health and safety of our members and friends is our highest priority.

We are aware that our members and their institutions have concerns about the spread of the Coronavirus. Most academic institutions have closed temporarily or moved to online instruction. Colleagues with health concerns are encouraged to follow the directives offered by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC for the US, or their national equivalent elsewhere) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The restrictions imposed on travel by an increasing number of nations, while unfortunate, are a crucial measure to curb the growth of the virus. That being said travel restrictions do impact the convening of international conferences. Countless spring and summer meetings have been cancelled as a result. We remain in contact with our affiliates, including the Society of Biblical Literature and American Academy of Religion, with whom our annual meetings are convened. Of immediate concern is the November 20-23, 2020 Annual Meeting to be held in Boston, MA, USA.

Registration does not typically open until mid-April. We hope to gain greater clarity on the situation between now and then. Nevertheless, we suggest that you postpone booking airfare that does not have flexible change policies until registration opens.

We hope the virus is contained soon, and urge everyone to exercise the utmost caution meanwhile. Should you have any questions or concerns please write



Holger Zellentin, Chair

Emran El-Badawi, Executive Director