Membership & AM Registration Open – عضوية الجمعية مفتوحة الآن

Membership & AM Registration Open – عضوية الجمعية مفتوحة الآن

We at the International Qur’anic Studies Association are delighted to announce that membership in our society is now open! Furthermore, the membership is FREE for 2014.

(1) العضوية مجانية – To join our academic community today (for free!) simply submit a Membership Form here:


(2) التسجيل بسعر مخفض إلى ٢٢/٥/٢٠١٤ –  Time Sensitive: Annual Meeting Registration : 

Colleagues, if you intend to join us for our 2014 Annual Meeting in San Diego (whether as a speaker or simply to attend), be sure to become a member a.s.a.p., in order to take advantage of the lowest possible registration price for the conference, which will only be available until Thursday, May 22. (The price of registration for San Diego will gradually increase as the time of the meeting grows nearer.) Instructions on how to register for the conference as an affiliate will be displayed upon completion of our IQSA membership form.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new member of IQSA and to seeing you in San Diego!

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