Review of Qur’anic Research, Vol. 3 no.7 (2017)

In the latest installment of the Review of Qur’anic Research (Vol. 3 no.7), David Larsen (New York University) reviews The Meaning of the Word: Lexicology and Qur’anic Exegesis (Edited by S.R. Burge: Oxford University Press, 2015).

“If exegesis is not the beginning point of Islamic scholarship, it was present at the beginning, and in modern times it has not ceased to be a productive discipline. The many applications and implications that commentary and interpretation have for the historical extent of Islamic thought more than justify the recent burst of edited volumes from the Institute of Ismaili Studies variously dedicated to qur’ānic exegesis, of which The Meaning of the Word: Lexicology and Qur’anic Exegesis is the third to appear in three years. The essays in this volume are trained on hermeneutic inquiry at the level of the word—the object of exegesis at its most granular. It is a field of inquiry with natural affinities to lexicography, but…”


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