Reading in Abraham Hinckelmann Qur’an Edition and Sources

Abdallah El-Khatib, Qatar University, Qatar
IQSA International Conference 2021 “Giorgio La Pira” Library, Palermo, Italy
Panel 6. Carriers of the Text and Readings 1: Manuscripts, Illustrations, Amulets, and Printed Editions

Abraham Hinckelmann’s edition of the Qur’an in 1694 was a milestone in the history of Qur’an printing in Europe. This paper tries to shed light on this edition by presenting an introduction to the history of Qur’an printings in Europe. Secondly, by presenting the Qur’an manuscripts and exegetical works which Hinckelmann used. Thirdly, this paper presents some analysis about Hinckelmann’s introduction. Fourthly, I provide some remarks on the text he produced in comparison to the original text. Lastly, the aim of this paper is to give the reader a whole picture on the circumstances in which this edition was written.