Qurʾān Seminar Commentary OPEN ACCESS


IQSA is delighted to announce that the Qurʾān Seminar Commentary (De Gruyter 2016), offering new insights on the Qur’an from 25 scholars, is now available for free (see here).  The Qurʾān Seminar Commentary, including contributions in English and French from the perspective of different disciplines, offers a collaborative study of 50 central Qurʾān passages.  A full list of contributors is below.


Mehdi Azaiez
Patricia Crone
Michel Cuypers
Guillaume Dye
Emran El-Badawi
Reuven Firestone
Marcin Grodzki
Gerald Hawting
Asma Hilali
Frédéric Imbert
Nejmeddine Khalfallah
Manfred Kropp
Daniel Madigan
Michael Pregill
Gabriel Said Reynolds
Andrew Rippin
Mun’im Sirry
Emmanuelle Stefanidis
Devin Stewart
Esma Hind Tengour
Tommaso Tesei
Shawkat M Toorawa
Abraham Winitzer
Munther Younes
Holger Zellentin

Take advantage of this free, valuable resource HERE or copy and paste the following link: https://www.degruyter.com/viewbooktoc/product/462559?rskey=6OGxUY&result=1

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