Looking Forward to Baltimore 2013

By Emran El-Badawi


The International Qur’anic Studies Association has been making great progress moving towards our first public meeting in Baltimore on November 22-26, 2013. Last month’s organizational meeting was a great success and has served as a fruitful platform for us to work towards 2013, especially planning a keynote lecture, reception and a small number of panels to which presenters will be invited privately. The directors and steering committee of the are pleased to announce that Aziz al-Azmeh–Professor of Islam and Historical Anthropology at the Central European University–will deliver the 2013 keynote lecture. His lecture will be followed by a few words from a respondent. IQSA will, furthermore, host at least two independent panels: one on Approaches and Theories in Qur’an Translation, and another on New Research on Qur’an Manuscripts.

Further details will be forthcoming. And we hope that interested members of the academy and the public will continue to visit and subscribe to our blog (http://iqsaweb.org) in order to keep up to with our latest news and updates. On behalf of the directors and steering committee of IQSA, I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year. We hope to see you in Baltimore!

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