JIQSA Volume 6 (2021) Now Available!

JIQSAv6_front cover

IQSA is thrilled to announce that the sixth volume of the Journal of the International Qur’anic Studies Association (founding editors: Michael Pregill and Vanessa De Gifis) has now been published online, with print copies due to ship soon (see also https://lockwoodonlinejournals.com/index.php/jiqsa).

The issue’s contents include:

  1. Sinai, Nicolai. Obituary: Alan Jones (1933–2021). JIQSA 6 (2021): 5-7.
  2. Shnizer, Aliza. Obituary: Uri Rubin (1944–2021). JIQSA 6 (2021): 8-11.
  3. Lange, Christian.  Obituary: Josef van Ess (1934–2021). JIQSA 6 (2021): 12-15.
  4. Stewart, Devin. Noah’s Boat and Other Missed Opportunities. JIQSA 6 (2021): 17-67.
  5. Lawson, Todd. Response to Devin Stewart’s 2019 IQSA Presidential Address. JIQSA 6 (2021): 69-85.
  6. van Putten, Marijn. Dissimilation of ē to ā in the Qurʾānic Consonantal Text. JIQSA 6 (2021): 87-105.
  7. Al-Jallad, Ahmad and Ali Al-Manaser. The Pre-Islamic Divine Name ʿsy and the Background of the Qurʾānic Jesus. JIQSA 6 (2021): 107-136.
  8. Griffith, Sidney. The Narratives of “the Companions of the Cave,” Moses and His Servant, and Dhū ’l-Qarnayn in Sūrat al-Kahf. JIQSA 6 (2021): 137-166.
  9. Pregill, Michael. The Two Sons of Adam: Rabbinic Resonances and Scriptural Virtuosity in Sūrat al-Māʾidah. JIQSA 6 (2021): 167-224.
  10. Abdel Raziq, Iqbal. Ismāʿīl, Dhū ’l-Kifl, and Idrīs: A Reading of the Qurʾānic Text and Muslim Exegesis [in Arabic]. JIQSA 6 (2021): 225-253.

Nicolai Sinai and Saqib Hussain (Oxford University), who bore editorial responsibility for the issue, would like to express their gratitude to all authors, peer reviewers, and Lockwood Press.

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