History of Muslim-Christian Dialogue: A five-week intensive summer course


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History of Muslim-Christian Dialogue:  A five-week intensive summer course for 3 credit hours


Dr Ida Glaser (Director, CMCS Houston), Dr Charles Ramsey​, (Baylor University History Faculty) Dr Martin Whittingham (Director, CMCS Oxford)

Specialist lectures from Dr Rana Abu-Mounes (CMCS Oxford), Dr David Coffey (CMCS Houston), Dr David Cook (Rice University, Houston), Dr Abdul-Massih Saadi (Baylor University) and Dr Ghulam Zarquani (Hijaz Muslim College, Houston)


Dates:  6/2/20-7/7/20

This intensive course will introduce students to the long history of Christians and Muslims writing about each other and discussing with each other, using both focused study of primary sources and broader readings and lectures on different historical periods.   The class will meet every morning Monday-Friday 1000-1130 CST.  On most Tuesdays and Fridays, 1030-1130 will offer opportunities for one-on-one and small group tutorials.  Students will be expected to give an average of at least 2 additional hours per day to further private study and preparation.  The course is suitable for graduate students with an academic interest in Muslim-Christian relations, and for final year undergraduate students majoring in history, or in the study of Islam or of Christianity.

If you wish to attend this course, submit this application form to receive further details.  

COST    Full fee: $1,000          Majority world students:  $400 

CMCS Houston has a limited number of full and half scholarships available.  Letters of application should be sent to  by May 18th.  You should include details of interest in and experience of Muslim-Christian relations, and of how attendance at the course is expected to enhance your scholarship and your future relationships.  You should also include a c.v. and contact details for an academic referee and a personal referee.


Post courtesy of Prof. Ida Glazer, Director, CMCS Houston

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