Freiburg Conversations on Tafsir & Transregional Islamic Networks, Summer 2020

Freiburg conversations on tafsir and transregional Islamic networks, summer 2020

Hosted by Majid Daneshgar and Johanna Pink


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All sessions have a duration of 75 minutes including a discussant’s statement and a Q&A period. Please note that, in order to accommodate speakers and discussants from different continents, the starting time may vary.
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July 1, 4pm CEST
Pieter Coppens, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam: “Did print change everything? Jamal al-Din al-Qasimi’s (1866-1914) tafsir between local and transregional networks“
Discussant: Walid Saleh, University of Toronto
July 8, 10am CEST
Peter G. Riddell, Melbourne School of Theology: “Exegesis across cultures: Reconfiguring Arabic tafsir for Southeast Asian audiences”
Discussant: Nico Kaptein, Universiteit Leiden
July 15, 10am CEST
Majid Daneshgar, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg: “Persian Shi’ism in Malay-Indonesian Qur’anic Commentaries”
Discussant: Peter G. Riddell, Melbourne School of Theology
July 22, 4pm CEST
Nico Kaptein, Universiteit Leiden: “Ahmad Khatib al-Minangkabawi (1860-1916) and transregional networks”
Discussant: Amr Ryad, KU Leuven
July 29, 4pm CEST
Arnold Yasin Mol, Universiteit Leiden: “Thick Comparative Tafsīr Studies: A Case Study using Q.11:117″
Discussant: Pieter Coppens, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
August 5, 4pm CEST
Walid A. Saleh, University of Toronto: “Tafsir and royalty”
Discussant: Brett Wilson, Central European University Budapest/Vienna
August 12, 4pm CEST
Ahmed El Shamsy, University of Chicago: “Muslim and Orientalist reconstructions of the classical tafsir tradition in the age of print”
Discussant: Islam Dayeh, Freie Universität Berlin
August 19, 4pm CEST
Johanna Pink, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg: “Ibn Kathir, modern Salafism and the making of a global exegetical authority“
Discussant: Younus Mirza, Shenandoah University
August 26, 4pm CEST
Amr Ryad, KU Leuven: “Salafiyya and Ahmadiyya missionary work in interwar Europe“
Discussant: Rainer Brunner, CNRS, Paris
September 2, 5pm CEST
Ash Geissinger, Carleton University, Ottawa: “Authority, gender, and contemporary Muslim appropriations of classical Qur’an commentary”
Discussant: Karen Bauer, Institute of Ismaili Studies, London
September 9, 4pm CEST
Annabel Gallop, British Library: “Qur’an manuscripts from Southeast Asia with interlinear translations: influences and networks”
Discussant: Ervan Nurtawab, State Institute of Islamic Studies Metro, Lampung
September 12, 3pm CEST

Samuel Ross, Texas Christian University: “What Were the Most Popular Qur’an Commentaries in Islamic History? An Assessment of the Manuscript Record and the State of Tafsīr Studies“

Discussant: Ahmed El Shamsy, University of Chicago

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