Call for Papers Highlight: Linguistic, Literary, and Thematic Perspectives on the Qur’anic Corpus

IQSA welcomes proposals for papers at our 2014 conference in San Diego under one of five program units. (See here for a complete listing). This week’s program unit highlight features “Linguistic, Literary, and Thematic Perspectives on the Qur’anic Corpus.”

This program unit will provide a forum for the study of the Qur’an from a literary standpoint. Its chairs are Anne-Sylvie Boisliveau and Sarra Tlili. They welcome papers for the San Diego meeting that seek to: examine the structure of passages or entire surahs; analyze the plot, characterization, themes, and voice in Qur’anic narrative; investigate the Qur’an’s use of particular literary devices; study the interplay between sound and meaning; explore literary motifs specific to each type of Qur’anic discourse; and so forth.

“Linguistic, Literary, and Thematic Perspectives on the Qur’anic Corpus” will host two panels at the 2014 IQSA meeting. As the Call for Papers outlines:

  1. “The first panel will be dedicated to the emerging field of Semitic Rhetoric/Ring Composition theory. We invite proposals for papers that study the Qur’an as an oral text, highlight the ring structure of Qur’anic passages or surahs, and consider if/how this structure imparts meaning or creates any type of impact. Proposals that evaluate the usefulness and applicability of this theory to the Qur’an are also welcome.”
  2. “The second panel seeks proposals on all other aspects of the linguistic, literary, argumentative, and thematic approaches of the Qur’an mentioned above.”

Proposals should include a title and an abstract of approximately 400 words. For more information see here.

Important Notes about Proposing a Paper for IQSA 2014

* IQSA is an independent learned society, although our meeting overlaps with those of SBL and AAR.  In order to attend IQSA 2014, membership in IQSA and registration for the SBL/AAR conference will be necessary. (The first day of the IQSA conference, however, will be open to the general public).

* All interested students and scholars may submit a proposal through SBL’s website, here. Scroll down to the “Affiliate” section, then click on the chosen IQSA program unit name. [Look in particular for the “(IQSA)” indication at the end of the unit titles]. Instructions for those with and without SBL membership can be found by clicking through to these individual program unit pages.

* Details on low-cost membership in IQSA will be published on the IQSA blog in Spring 2014. Make sure you are subscribed!

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