A Statement from the Directors Regarding IQSA 2013 and IQSA 2014

We would like to recognize here the questions that have been raised about the presence of a police officer outside IQSA panels at the 2013 conference in Baltimore. We understand the perspective of those who were opposed to our procedures. In our procedures we erred on the side of caution in favor of security, and we regret overlooking other equally or even more valid countervailing concerns and perspectives.  At the heart of IQSA’s mission is to bring together scholars of the Qur’an from all perspectives, and so we regret the division our procedures caused in Baltimore. It is also heartening to know that many individuals care about this important initiative and have brought up helpful concerns for our consideration. We look forward to our 2014 San Diego conference as a time to foster a renewed spirit of collegiality and collaboration.  More details on the Call for Papers for IQSA 2014 will be published in coming blog posts.

Looking forward to seeing you in San Diego,

Emran El-Badawi
Gabriel Said Reynolds